The Sisu-Ursu mission is to help you create a solid career foundation, recognize your potential, and design and build your future. Achievement of this purpose of giving you the tools you need to find employment and advance your career depends on how you assess your needs. For some, it’s as simple as getting a new resume—and every Sisu-Ursu resume is accompanied by a Job Search Strategies guide—or participating in job coaching to create short- and long-term goals and a strategy for achieving those goals.

Sisu-Ursu’s services are a non-refundable investment in your future. This investment benefits from five years of experience providing intensive case management services, assisting military veterans with pursuing career goals and finding employment, writing resumes, interviewing, and connecting employers with job seekers.

Sisu-Ursu Values

Sisu-Ursu is real. You’re not going to get fluffy or phony, and these products reflect that. Sisu-Ursu's values are a true representation of the company.

Authenticity – Using honesty and integrity with both our customers and ourselves to improve and evolve.

Transition, whether it is unemployment or career advancement, can and should be a challenging process. This is how you improve, and you can’t improve without first recognizing your weaknesses. You decide what to do with the assistance provided by Sisu-Ursu.

Innovation – Learning about, developing, testing, and implementing current concepts and new ideas.

Sisu-Ursu stays abreast of new trends and different techniques, and tests them to see which actually work.

Respect – Acknowledging one’s value and helping with regaining dignity.

Everyone has value, and Sisu-Ursu is there to help you discover and sell that value. This is the crux of creating a great resume. You are not a motivated self-starter like everyone else. You are someone who initiated a lean process cutting waste by 20% and increasing profits by $5 million. You are not a reliable, friendly waitress who provides great customer service. You surpassed your sales goal by 15% by effectively upselling items such as dessert.

It’s truly amazing how clients change when they see how truly awesome they are on paper.

Employers don’t want fluff. They want to know what value you’ve actually created. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.

Support – Helping others to do and be better.

While income is necessary, the greatest satisfaction from this line of work is helping you succeed. It was the greatest feeling when clients called to share their success!

“Thank you for everything you’ve done for me,” they would say.

“Don’t thank me. I supported and guided you, but you wouldn’t have succeeded if it wasn’t for your hard work and dedication.”

Sisu-Ursu Promise

No resume will get you a job. It will help you get noticed, but it’s up to you to do what you need to do to become a competitive candidate. Sisu-Ursu will support you in this endeavor.

Consider the impact this investment in Sisu-Ursu’s services will make on your future. How much money are you losing out on for each day that you are unemployed? Are you comfortable with making this investment at this point in time? Are you willing to do what it takes?

Helping you create a solid career foundation, recognize your potential, and design and build your future is Sisu-Ursu's commitment.

Design Your Future!