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WHAT I DO: I help highly motivated individuals design their future and reach their goals by providing life coaching, career planning, and resume writing services.


WHY IT WORKS: Coaching emphasizes action, accountability, and follow-through. It focuses on your future, supporting personal and professional growth, and pursuing your goals. If your focus is on career development, you can benefit from developing greater self-awareness of how you interact with the world, what you need from your job, and your options for furthering your career. Interview coaching helps you develop a better understanding of interview questions, making it easier to provide accomplishment-focused responses. It also helps you gain awareness of your mannerisms and how they can impact an interview.

HOW IT WORKS: A blend of behavioral, leadership, and strategy coaching is used to help you better communicate with others, set and achieve short-term goals, discover how you fit within your environment, and ultimately create change in your life. Coaching focuses on the potential use of your strengths for achieving your goals.

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Resume Writing

WHY IT WORKS: A professionally written resume will successfully make it through the computer screening process and into the hands of a recruiter, so the content is created to meet the requirements of the computer system, while the design entices the recruiter to look at it.

HOW IT WORKS: Keywords and phrases that are most commonly used by desired employers are woven into the content of the resume. This increases the likelihood of the resume matching the job posting in the applicant tracking system, which improves your resume's chance of being seen by recruiters. Recruiters spend an average of six seconds reviewing resumes, so your resume must be formatted so that information is easily found. The faster your qualifications can be verified, the better your chance of being called in for an interview!

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About Diane

Diane Ursu was inspired by her five years of workforce development experience to start Sisu-Ursu. She transitioned into employment services after moving to Metro Detroit following five years of adventurous living in Michigan's northernmost peninsula, the Keweenaw.

"Sisu" expresses the Finnish spirit of "having guts"—moving forward with perseverance and tenacity. It is precisely the spirit and attitude one needs to advance in a career, find a new job, start a business, or embark on any other life-changing experience, whether business or personal. One of the greatest compliments anyone has paid her is, "You've got sisu!"

A United States Army Veteran, Ursu is a Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF). She earned her MBA through Northwood University, a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management from Spring Arbor University, and an Associate of Applied Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography (Ultrasound) from Baker College of Owosso.